13 going on 31

Rob turned 31 on the 16th.  The birthday boy says it's weird how 30 and 31 seem so different. At 30 you're barely out of the 20's but 31 really settles it.

On Monday the 13th we went to Benihanas with a $30 birthday coupon.

 On Rob's actual birthday we went to Firehouse subs for a free birthday sandwich (we LOVE the beef and cheddar brisket), then to Baskin Robbins for his free scoop of ice cream (you can tell we're not going to let those birthday coupons go to waste) and back home for a late night movie and more vanilla bean rice pudding. 

On Friday, Molly was invited to her first birthday party. She colored, watched a pinata get smashed open, got her nails painted along with her face. We were lucky she sat still enough for a little heart.

That night we went to a Jazz game with a really large group to celebrate our friend Solon's birthday.


  1. happy birthday Rob!! Reading this reminded me i TOTALLY forget my own mother's bday!! we LOVe Benihana's and Danny LOVES Firehous subs (i have yet to try it out)- molly is STILL adorable

  2. Happy Birthday to Rob! ...And I love your long hair! It looks really cute on you. Miss you. Hope you are good and happy