15 Months

Molly is now officially 15 months. 
She is growing and learning daily. A few things she's been doing during month 14 are:
Giving high 5's.
She loves to turn on/off the vacuum, even if I'm not ready for one or the other.
She throws all her dirty diapers in the trash or poopy pail
Tap dances

Molly loves to sit on my lap, especially while I'm trying to use the computer, and refuses to let me put my arm around her tummy to make sure she doesn't fall off. No arm protection leads to her coloring all over the desk, climbing up on the chair and my lap, and ending up on top of the desk like King Kong.
Molly gleeks all the time.
She make a mmm... mmm... mmm... sound whenever she wants something.
She loves bananas... still!
 I get a kick out of her expression in this photo.
Molly's started saying more and more words that actually sound like words. She has said words in the past, but now she much more consistent. Some of her current favorites are, "NO, all done, bye bye, nana for banana, and hello". She also tries to say random words she hears us say.
Molly likes to sing the hymns with us in church.
Even though she's not 18 months, Molly's been going to nursery for the past month or so. It's been really hard to teach the 8-11 year old's in primary with her distracting the kids and us from teaching so she's earned a ticket into nursery. She loves it! There is a yellow plastic phone in there that she carries everywhere with her. We come and check on her throughout the time and it doesn't even phase her one bit. She barely glances our way.

She's getting more and more independent. A few weeks ago Rob left for work, forgetting to lock the door. Molly was in the family room and I was on the computer. It wasn't long before I felt a cold draft. Immediately I thought, "Oh no, did Molly get out!" She's been trying to open the door, but when it's locked she can't. This time the door wasn't locked.  I ran to the family room, Molly was no where to be seen and the door was wide open. I ran out the door and there was Molly out by the car in her jammies, a pacifier plugged in, and freshly fallen snow all around. She'd decided to go for a stroll, alone. It totally frightened me. I was grateful I noticed she was gone before she fell off the steep sides of our walkway and into the apartment patios below or out on the street where neighbors were leaving for work and could have easily hit her.

Molly loves to move her alphabet letters from the dishwasher to the fridge and back again.
She's very observant. She notices whenever anything is different. The other day I went through our bookshelf and put a stack of books in the closet. The next morning guess who found them? 
 Molly's naps have started to change. She likes to play in her crib or poop when I put her down. Since I don't want to teach her that she can get out of a nap every time she cries I let her hang out for awhile. If she's just playing she usually falls asleep after awhile, but if it's a poop she won't go down at all. I love hearing her play in her crib. She'll giggle when she holds on to the side and jumps up and down on the mattress. She throw things overboard, waves at her photos, pulls on the curtains... this is how I found her one day when she wouldn't go down.
Molly's stacking things. I think she's been doing this for awhile, but I just started noticing.

Molly's stats at her 15 month check-up:
Weight: 23 lbs 55%
Length: 31 in 70%
Head: 46 cm 50%
Weight/Length: 50%
I sold my DSLR camera half way through February so you might notice that the quality of some of these photos aren't as good as others. I've been saving and saving and saving to upgrade my camera. I planned on buying a new camera right after I sold mine, but didn't plan on all Nikon's being back-ordered due to flooding in Thailand. I'm not sure when I'll be able to purchase a new one but I hope it will be really soon!

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  1. Such a good update!

    She's so sweet.

    I wish Hazel could get her ticket to Nursery early - Jason and I both teach different classes the 3rd hour.