I Love You Too Preston

We really celebrated Valentines Day this year. The holiday started off early with an evening for us love birds Saturday the 11th.
We got together with a group of couples for a lasagna dinner, the newly wed game, and a kissing contest. I know what you are thinking... but you're wrong. Rob had to pick which set of lips were mine below. Any guesses? We topped the evening off with some yummy dessert involving strawberries, bananas, chocolate, whipping cream, raspberry sauce and really skinny pancakes.

The day before Valentines I received a bouquet of flowers and some chocolate covered strawberries. I didn't suspect that they were from anyone other than Rob until I read the note, "Happy Valentine's Day I love you! Preston". Preston? Huh? I only know one Preston and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be sending me flowers. So I texted Rob. He did send them, so I figured they given me the wrong note. Well it turns out Preston has a bit more pocket change because Rob sent me 3 roses and not a large bouquet. I felt a little sorry for Preston and his sweetheart, but I wasn't complaining about my accidental bouquet. The next day my 3 roses, more chocolate covered strawberries, and a cute little personalized note showed up.
 I couldn't help eating all those strawberries. What can I say I have very little self control when it comes to sweets.
 Valentines morning I was up early making pink crepes for my two favorite people.

Molly sure loved them.

 That evening we had a family candle lit dinner...

 with garlic-marinated chicken, roasted potatoes and asparagus. It was delicious. 
We finished the night with an old movie, The Philadelphia Story, and some vanilla bean rice pudding. Yum Yum.


  1. Um, that's funny. HA. Preston. Are you sure you don't have a secret admirer?

  2. haha thats hilarious! And you guys are too cute! VERY romantic Valentines:)

  3. Yes! We had a good time at the Vday party and at the Jazz game. Thanks for coming and being great friends!