Look at that Book

It's been a busy month!  

You may have thought we'd been neglecting our blog, but actually it's been just the opposite. I wanted to print off our blog into books... since it's our family journal. But starting was daunting! We needed to correct our first few posts since we clearly had no idea what we were doing. I wrote the story of how Rob and I met, dated, and got engaged then I worked on our wedding post, honeymoon post, and added some extra tidbits to a few other posts as well, before construction of the book began. Putting the book together took several hours and a couple late nights (due to promo deadlines), but we were excited to get this in the mail today.
Williams Family Blog Book 2007-2008. I also printed our 2009 book which is being shipped now.

A few weeks ago Rob took the Gmat. It's been a long time coming and I think we're both glad it's over. In conjunction with that, we attended a dinner for a school we're interested in. We learned a lot about the school and enjoyed Alaskan crab legs, a 16 oz. Rib eye , lemon crusted salmon, asparagus, and chocolate naughty cake. 

We've also been busy spending time with friends and family. 

Although my new dentist remarked that I'm no stranger to dental work, I'm happy to say that I was declared cavity free this month. Those who know me and my dental history know how amazing that is. But even more amazing is that I haven't had a cavity in the past couple years. Ha. It's bound to happen sooner or later no matter how often I brush or floss with the set of teeth I inherited, but it's been a wonderful break and our pocketbook isn't complaining either.

Since Rob recently started working at his company's new location in Orem (yep we moved from Orem to West Jordan for him to be closer to work and now he works just 5 minutes away from our old apartment) his 7-4 schedule changed to 9-6 so I now can attend our stake aerobics class at 6 am every Monday and join the Stake women's basketball team. I played my first game last week. We thought we lost by one basket, but we later found out they'd given the other team some of our points so it was actually a win. Yay.


  1. I want my blog printed SO bad. I've started at least half a dozen times, but can never muster the energy or find the time to finish. And the longer I wait, the more of a pain it will be!

    Oh, the luck with Rob's job location change.

  2. Who did you use to print your blog?