16 Candles

Molly is growing so fast! She just turned 16 months and has learned all sorts of new tricks within the last month.
 Molly likes to make barking noises whenever she see's a dog. She hasn't mastered any other animal sound just yet, but she's really good at saying 'woof'.

She knows how to point to her ears, eyes, head, nose, mouth, teeth, toes, and belly button. 

She's been playing with our little bag of earplugs and loves to put them in her ears.

Since she was a pound overweight for her car seat we decided to say goodbye to the seat she's ridden in since an infant and.... 

 ...hello to her new convertible car seat. She's still rear-facing because of the new recommendation, but she's much more comfortable. 
 She loves playing in the big box her new seat arrived in.

 Molly's quite independent and knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it. This means there's a lot more frustration and lot more little tantrums in this house. 
 It's funny to see the little things Molly picks up on. The other day she found her thermometer, looked at us, and then tucked it right in her armpit. 
Another day I found her wiping her nose with the burp cloth I'd wiped her nose with when she was sick with a cold a few weeks before.
 A few days later we were over at her friend Eliza's house. Molly and her were sitting on the couch watching TV. I brought her over some snacks on a plate and set it next to her. She then folded her arms, bowed her head, and said a little prayer in gibberish before she started eating. It melted my heart!
 I must be overbearing with my love for Molly because she does not like to hug, kiss, or snuggle with us. She's always pushing us away when we ask for a little love, but as soon as I get her blanket and pacifier for a nap or bedtime she'll lay her head on my shoulder. She must know I spend extra time with her when she does this so she can stay up just a little bit longer. 
We always like to say goodbye to Daddy in the morning and go and wave from the patio window. Rob said that Molly will even run over and wave goodbye even if I'm not there to help her.
 Molly likes to bring me her hat to put on and she likes to try on our big shoes at least four times a day.
 Molly got a letter with Flat Stanley in it. We've been playing with him before we send him back to her cousin Zach.
 Molly has started nodding her head for yes and no.
She loves her pacifiers! We try to limit them for just sleeping, car rides, and when were out and need to be quiet. So when she gets in her crib she loves to collect all of them and hold them close. 


  1. Look at those pretty brown eyes! It's fun to see how her and Hazel are similar - knowing what they want and throwing tantrums when they don't get it, not liking to kiss/hug/snuggle except with the blanket and pacifier before nap/night time, etc.

    Although one difference, Hazel doesn't make a barking noise for a dog, she just says, "Bark". :)

  2. She is so darn cute! Good for you for sticking to the recomendation of still sitting her backwards. At 12 months we turned J around, she would freak out with her feet hitting the back seat and throw the biggest tantrum. I love reading and seeing all the pictures on your blog!