A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That

Warning: this post might be all over the place with no bridging of ideas, thoughts, or pictures.

Recently I've been altering clothes from the closet. I purchased this skirt in high school (11+ yrs ago) and was about to get rid of it until I thought I might be able to give it a bit of new life.
 I bought two of these striped dresses a while back with the idea that I'd do something different with one of them. I finally turned the black and grey dress in to a maxi skirt.
 I got these red pants online for a stellar deal, but when they arrived they were way too big in the waste and the legs. It wasn't worth returning after shipping costs so I decided to turn them into skinnies and...
 used some elastic to make the waist smaller. They turned out much better than expected. (Sorry no before photo... I was too excited to start taking these in)

I love Pintrest! I especially love trying all sorts of new recipes. It's really spiced up dinner around here. I haven't liked every recipe I've tried, but some I love and have already made multiple times.

 I've had a strange nagging feeling to get 72 hour kits together for our family. It's been on my to-do list since the new year. It's no small job. I did a lot of research, purchased items we didn't have already, assembled, and packed them away. Oh the peace I feel!

 I just finished reading Between Shades of Gray. It was moving and amazing to see what traumatic experiences people can live though. It really made me think about my own life and how blessed I've been.
I've also been reading Organized Simplicity. This book focuses on intentional living. It also lays out a 10-day plan for cleaning and organizing each room in your house. My house is still in the works I'm in the process of decluttering and organizing, but I've already worked on the family room, entry way, half the kitchen, and part of the closet. Just see for yourself...

While cleaning I came across this... I'm not sure what it really is, but Rob made it a very long time ago in an art class of some sort. I debated whether to let it go or not. Since Rob wasn't devastated when I mentioned getting rid of it I told him I'd take a few pictures of it for memory sake before it disappeared.

 A couple weeks ago we attended Rob's annual winter work party. We dressed up 1920's style and enjoyed the night out.


  1. Awesome costumes... Rob looks straight from the Dick Tracy movie. :)

  2. We should be neighbors! Fun projects. Looking forward to seeing you this summer.

  3. I enjoyed the randomness. My favorite part were your red pants. So cute!

  4. Two things :
    One - I remember that skirt!!
    Two - Why aren't you a fashion designer? You have some serious talent.