Friday We're in Love

Rob was scheduled to work today (Saturday) so he had the day off yesterday. It's kind of nice missing all the Saturday traffic of people when you try to go out and do something fun. We decided to visit The Living Planet Aquarium. (We forgot our camera, so Rob's phone came in quite handy.)
 Molly loved it there! We saw otters...

 ... and pet the stingrays.  
 My favorite was the Ocean Room and the octopus. I don't think I'd ever seen some of those fish in person. It was pretty cool.
 Molly loved that we let her run around and climb all over the play area with the other kids.

 Her favorite place to play was this little board walk. She kept running back and forth, stepping off it, then back on. And of course she wouldn't hold still for a photo.
 Later that evening we headed out for some Thai food at Jordan Landing. I ordered yellow curry, because it's my favorite, it was so delicious every ounce was devoured. We let Molly play outside for awhile before we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a caramel apple.

Such a fun day. I wish everyday was like this.

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