I am 16 going on 17

Molly is certainly the love of our lives! She makes us laugh and smile every day. We love her to death. 

She's a little monkey and has started to climb on everything. A few weeks ago, I watched her climb from the floor, to her old car seat sitting in her room, to a box 4 feet off the ground. Yesterday during church, Rob said that when he went in to pick her up from nursery, she had climbed on the table and was running in place, happily screaming. What a character!

I've caught Molly walking and crawling backwards. It's so funny to watch.

She loves to dance to music and twirl and fall down to Ring-Around-the-Rosies.

She's mastered unlocking and opening the front door. We not too excited about that...obviously.

We try not to let Molly suck on a pacifier at home unless she's going to sleep so we keep all of her passey's in her crib. She's very clever about finding ways to get them out. Sometimes I'm amazed and have no clue how she got one.

She loves to watch Toy Story and The Incredibles and asks to watch them all day long.

Molly got her 1st hair cut this past month. No more pigtails, but it looks much better and more even.

She's learned a few new words: dog, bubbles, and thank you.

We've noticed an infestation of ladybugs around the house and they swarm to Molly!

 Molly loves to color... especially on places she's not suppose to... like the kitchen floor!

This past week we started putting Molly in the 'Naughty Corner' when she's naughty. She's good about staying there, but cries the whole minute she's there. It's not fun for either of us, but we've noticed she's more obedient already.


  1. This definitely makes me want to go wake my kids up to take their picture for a silhouette. CUTE.

    Hazel's gone in time out a few times and it makes me laugh my head off while my heart breaks. She just sits in the same spot and wimpers/softly cries. Good times.

  2. She's so grown up! Discipline is the worst but it makes them much nicer to be around. London cries the whole time she's in time out too. Looks like you guys are doing great.