Arizona and a Funeral

We made a quick trip down to Arizona when we learned Rob's Uncle passed away. I'd only met Roger a handful of times, but he and Aunt Sybil were quite close to Rob's family. The funeral was really nice and those who spoke of Roger truly showed his generosity and love for others. His family spoke of how he befriended a man of little means in Mexico, who spoke no English, and how Roger had given him the shirt and hat he was wearing as well as a pickup truck. Rob was blessed through Roger and Sybil's generosity as well. Most of Rob's life Roger drank and smoked, but in the last ten years, he started changing his life. He attended our wedding at the Salt Lake Temple and was active in his ward at the time of his passing. He was a great man who will be missed by many!
At the cemetery they released balloons in his honor. Molly was happy to participate. 
While we were in AZ we took advantage of our time. We made sure to shop at Last Chance, and finally got to visit the famous Pizzeria Bianco restaurant. We arrived soon after it opened for lunch and avoided the typical 2 hour wait.
We spent an evening with the Clarke and Williams families, eating dinner and enjoying our time with so many of Rob's family members. 
Saturday night we hung out with Rob's friends from High School. It's always super fun to see them.
Rob's brother Rich rode down to AZ and back with us. It was entertaining having him with us. He has a pass that gets you into all the national parks. So we took a 2 hour detour and visited the Grand Canyon on our way home.
It's an amazing view, but I think you really need to spend more than an hour there. I wish we could have hiked it.
Molly was an absolute angel on the drive. Really, she only cried for 5-10 minutes the entire trip! We turned her forward facing so we could all fit... she was lovin' it (and so were we)!


  1. It was so fun to see you! The picture of all the balloons in the sky is great. Super great.

  2. i've still never been to that pizza place but always wanted to....so what'd you think? worth all the hype?

    SOO good to see you guys- as always!!!

    love molly's smile at the Grand Canyon- she must knows its amazing there!!!