Friend Me! Molly 18 months

About me:
 I'm all about running around outside, bubbles, watching Sprout with Dad- while he sleeps-...
and love all kinds of dogs (even the big ones that bark at me). I have a fetish with talking on the phone- or anything that might look similar to one- and putting things in my ears. Most important, I love Chica, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear. I appreciate my independence, but sometimes I just want to cling to Mom... especially when she's busy and wants me to hang out with Dad. I'm into reprogramming the TV, saying "hi" and "bye" to everyone I pass, and playing with my doll. I'm the life of the party and love making new friends.
Relationship History:
My neighbor Eliza is pretty cool, as well as other neighbors, and kids at nursery.
 Drinking Habits:
I drink whole milk in a sippy cup with a straw, but love to drink whatever Mom and Dad are drinking... especially smoothies and soda.
Paci-fist (but Mom and Dad are trying to help me kick the habit).

I'm fluent in Babble and Gibberish. I speak a bit of English, but understand it spoken better.

Favorite Hot Spots:
The mailbox, outside playground, and community backyard.

Sleeping Habits:
A morning and afternoon nap are nice, although if I really don't want a nap I've been known to climb out of my crib... to the shock and amazement of Mom and Dad. I find sleeping with my bum in the air is most comfortable.
I've been known to go on long car rides with the parents, but recently I decided to take my Dad on an airplane to AZ for some extra sun and time with the Grandparents.

Potty Training:
I've practiced sitting on the pot, but nothing beats the convenience of dipes and wipes.

Sharing Philosophy:
To each what's in their own reach.

My Dislikes:
Diaper changes, getting my nails clipped, and heading back inside after a good time outside.

My Ideal Playmate:
A fellow baby with energy to spare. Someone looking for a low-key companionship, parallel play, and aren't turned off by occasional whining, tantrums, poopy smells, or unwillingness to share toys.  Someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously, wants to have a good time, and is willing to share their snacks.


  1. Ha. Clever. She's a doll. She should come play with Hazel when she's in AZ. Eee!

  2. What a cute post. Still 2 naps?! Lucky! I know she and Lucy would be great friends if we still lived there. She's adorable!!

  3. umm hello!! move back to AZ and she'll have plenty of playmates:)

    love the post- always so clever....:)

  4. This post is awesome! Loved it!

  5. cutest post. We missed you guys so much. promise no more vacations!

  6. Sign me up! If only she liked me a little better… and recognized me has the coolest Aunt ever! Unfortunately I'm still just a stranger to her.