Baby Hump Day

It may not be Wednesday but it's baby Williams' hump day today... which makes me 20 weeks... and half way through this pregnancy! 
 I started noticing movement around week 17, and the past couple weeks I've felt a lot of kicking action. I'm surprised by how active this little girl is and what a powerful kick she has. I've actually been kicked hard enough for it to be uncomfortable... already! I can only image what the next 20 weeks will be like as our baby grows bigger and stronger.
 I went in for my monthly check-up today. My doctor was concerned about where the placenta had attached. He said that at my last ultrasound the placenta was only a centimeter away from my cervix. Which could mean Placenta Previa. They decided to do another ultrasound to check to see if it had moved... which meant I got another peak of this little active girl. Luckily, the placenta had moved to about 4 centimeters...thank-goodness! 


  1. you always look so cute in your prego pics:) congrats on making it 1/2 way!!! glad things looked better in ultrasound

  2. So happy Molly will have a sister. I don't know what I would do without mine. Hang in there.... you will make through the next half as good as gold!