Chunky Peanut Butter and Toe Jam (Molly 19 Months)

Molly just turned 19 months!
 During month 18 Molly discovered toe jam. 
It's funny watching her inspect between each of her toes. She's even moved on to checking between our toes too.

At Molly's 18 month check-up we discovered she went from the 50th% in height and weight to the 75th%. Although her head circumference is still in the 50th %. She weighed in at 25 lbs 12 oz.  I took this photo at the doctors office... you would have thought Molly got shots this month, but she didn't. This is just a classic Molly tantrum.

It's fun to watch Molly entertain herself. Here she found her baby legging and wanted to wear both pairs.

We picked up this little stroller at a yard sale not too long ago. I think I'd consider it one of the best purchases we've made. She loves it! She likes to transport items around the house and take her baby outside for strolls.

 This month Molly got her 5th tooth in. It came in right next to her two bottom front teeth. I'm pretty sure she's still teething. I think I see another tooth about to pop through any day.
Spitting has become a new hobbie for Molly these days. She's also taken to hitting. She mostly hits herself on the head when she's mad, but she's been seen swiping at others too. 
My favorite thing Molly says these days is "YEEAAAH"! She says it in a high pitch with such enthusiasm, it makes me smile every time. She also started saying "Mommy". At first I loved it, but now that it comes out of her mouth about every 5 seconds I'm getting a little tired having to respond to it that often.
We've been swimming in the pool a lot this summer. Molly loves jumping off the side into our arms. She's mastered saying, " ____,  two, free". She only holds up her pointer finger for the number one, so she just skips that number and starts with 2.
Molly loves PP&J sandwiches! We ran out of creamy peanut butter and only had a bottle of chunky peanut butter. I thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but Molly hates the chunks. She picks out as many as she can find and throws them overboard. She's not such a fan any more.
In anticipation of our big move, we had a yard sale with our friends a couple weeks ago. Molly had no problem staying entertained.

Last week in church Molly was interacting with the family in the pew behind us. A lady playfully tickled her arm. Molly decided that felt really nice and kept holding her arm out to be tickled. Then she decided her husband should tickle her other arm. And for several minutes she demanded all family members behind us to tickle her. It was hilarious. The whole row was laughing each time she held out her arm. I knew she was loving it... especially since she had tiny little goose bumps all over.


  1. too cute:)

    my kids don't like chunky peanut butter either

    hope you are LOVING this age- its so fun

    love her little pigtail pic:)

  2. She's only got 5 teeth? Hazel has 10 (I think). Not that Rob throws fits, but Molly totally looks like him in those pictures. :)

    Be sure to let us know when you're moving in and if you need some help. We're not that far...