House Hunters

I'm feeling overwhelmingly busy these past few weeks and Rob has been depressed. This last week he found out one of his favorite shows, House Hunters, is a fraud (it is staged, they've already bought the homes). But seriously, this pregnancy has made me so tired, and I don't feel like I have the luxury to take any breaks.

One of the times I get to take a break is during yard sale season. We've been hitting them big time. This past month and a half we've gone most Saturdays. It's been fun to take friends with us and meet up with family.

Over the weekend we made a quick trip down to AZ. Since we're moving to Tucson next month, we went to search for a place to live. A few things crossed my mind while there...
  • It's so hot! I knew it would be. I've lived in AZ for 2 summers before, but I think being pregnant made it seem even hotter.
  • Tucson is definitely not as nice as Mesa or the surrounding areas.
  • I love Filiberto's Arizona Burrito... we ate there 2x in Mesa. I hope there's one in Tucson.
  • I hate making big decisions... with a big exclamation point!
  • I'm really going to miss UT in the summers and I'm sure I'll love AZ winters.
  • Picking a moving date is hard as well as the whole process of moving.
  • Figuring out how to get insurance while pregnant is stressful and worrisome.
  • To buy or rent... that is the question.
  • Going to school is taking us back to being super-duper poor again. I'm not looking forward to all the guilt that comes with having to spend money... even on the necessary items.
  • I'm really going to miss my family and all the cool friends we've made. 
  • It's hard starting over in a new place... knowing no one.
We left for AZ on Thursday after Rob finished work. We stayed the night in Las Vegas to break up the trip and so we wouldn't have to drive through the night.
We stayed at the 4 Queens hotel on Fremont street. We got there kind of late, but decided to take Molly out to see all the lights (and crazy people). 

She loved going out. There were three bands playing and when we got her out of her stroller for this picture...
... she started dancing to the music. A small crowd even gathered to watch her. It was super cute, but once she realized she was being watched she ran to Dad for comfort.

After we got to Mesa, we dropped Molly off at Rob's sisters house and continued down to Tucson. We spent that evening driving around getting a feel for the areas we liked. We looked at a few places to rent and the next day we looked at potential houses to buy. Monsoons and dust storms didn't stop our search.

 One house we absolutely loved went under contract the day we looked so we were totally bummed. We are still debating what to do, but we don't have much time before a decision needs to be made.
Saturday night we drove back up to Mesa and picked up our favorite little person and headed over to stay with Rob's family. We only had Sunday to visit and left early Monday morning for the trip home. We've been so lucky Molly's been really good on such long drives.


  1. you guys are funny!!
    house hunters is really staged huh? i used to LOVE that show before we bought our house:)

    a quick trip to AZ, so i'm curious are you gonna buy or rent?

    again excited you will be closer but sad its still not close enough to please me:) jk

    love the molly story- too cute- glad she's a great traveler!!!

  2. You are extra awesome for taking your toddler for a walk at night on the strip.

    Hey, why'd Tucson get rain and not us?

    Buy, but only if that means you won't stay there for good. :)

  3. Poor Rob! Haha
    We cant wait for you guys to be around! It is SO hot but I hate the cold so I sit in the pool all summer and enjoy the winter time outside. Steven has a sister in Tucson so we will be down there from time to time! Molly is getting so big.

  4. So I can't believe I hadn't told Rob that House Hunters is staged. I've known for months, but still don't mind. I still love watching it!