Utes vs Wildcats

It's been a long road of studying for the GMAT, testing, writing essays, revamping resumes, applying to MBA programs, and waiting for results. 
Of the three schools Rob applied to he was accepted to two; The University of Utah and The University of Arizona.
After a feeling of relief being accepted to at least one school and a feeling of honor being accepted to two schools, we realized we had a tough decision ahead.
There was lots of talk, prayer, discussion, researching, and a master pro and con list made. From all of this a decision was made. 

I always tell Rob that he needs be a sports commentator because he always says what the commentator is about to say right before it is actually said. This time I've asked him to give the play by play a little try. 

In the first quarter, there was no clear direction of where our family was going. Were we staying in Salt Lake, crossing roads to Indiana, or heating up in Tucson? There was also the options of the Thunderbirds and Houston, but they came out of the gates like Rob writing an essay, or in other words, pretty slowly. In the first quarter there was no clear favorite, but the Williams' were thinking they were going to be Hoosiers. With two out three Williams being red heads, we needed red in our school of choice. The only school in our top five without red in their school colors was Thunderbird, so they had to go. This was a hit to the original Williams clan, who would have loved to see more of their red heads in the Phoenix area. The second quarter started out rough for Houston, due to the lack of a strong resume to hang with the other schools. Add in proximity to family and unfamiliarity with the area, and Houston didn't stand a chance hanging with the front runners. At halftime, Indiana pulled out of the running, citing they were too good to play with Rob. That put the Utes in the driver's seat, leading Arizona by quite a lot because of in-state tuition. But then, a resurgent Arizona narrowed the lead with an impressive rally when Rob visited Tucson and did some comparables on the schools. (First time on record a visit to Tucson boosted U of A in any comparison rankings;) The fourth quarter was anyone's game. The thought of buying a home tilted the scales toward being a Ute. The ranking and starting salary gave the Wildcats momentum. Rob's a true blue BYU fan, but he knew he had to have to some red in a graduate program because of his red head roots. A good combination of red and blue sounded good to Rob. Some bad coaching decisions of no follow up emails and little to no communication from the Utes sealed it for the Wildcats. The Williams' family will be taking their talents to Tucson. 



    sad its not THAT close, but hey, still better than Utah:)

    so when's the big move day?

  2. Yay! Of course it's not ASU, but I'll take Tucson over Utah. :)

    Beka and I were just talking about how fun it'd be if you guys lived closer.

    Congrats Rob!

  3. Oh YAAAAAAAH!!!! We are so happy u will be closer! We will have to have lots of pictionary parties:)

  4. Wow Heather! I have not checked your blog for a bit and you have big things going on. Congrats on the choice and the move!