20/20 | Molly 20 Months

Molly's 20... months that is.
She stayed busy during month 19 watching lots of movies while her parents packed the house for their big move to Arizona.
She's always up for watching Toy Story, The Incredibles, Mulan, and our Chinese only Tarzan DVD. She loves the song Reflection on Mulan and tries to sing along every time she hears it. She also gets very agitated and worried when the leopard tries to get baby Tarzan.
Molly sprung another tooth this month... totaling 6 now.
She's getting very talkative. She speaks like an Italian... a hundred miles a minute with lot's of hand gestures and we can't understand what she's saying. It sure is cute to watch her though. She is saying a lot more words and trying to use her baby sign language to communicate what she can't say.
 She loves to read! We'll catch her go into her room, shut the door, climb up on her chair and read books to herself.
 She also knows how to escape from her crib. She'll usually stay put unless she's crying-it-out, then she'll take matters into her own hands and come seek comfort from us. 
 Molly loves to color. She knows where the paper, pens, and crayons are and colors several times a day. We've been trying to teach her to color on paper only, but sometimes she likes to color on walls, tables, toys, and books.
 She loves to play outside, blow bubbles, and take her doll for walks in her mini stroller.
 She's become a tad bit more sensitive lately, but I figure it's because of the move and all the change. She's normally a tough little girl, but if a piece of cardboard falls on her she'll cry about it. 
 She loves her pacifiers and we really need to work on her attachment to them. We hope she'll be pacifier free soon.

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