24 Weeks

 Our little bun in the oven turned 24 weeks today. She's been active and likes to kick when I like to sleep. She also gets restless when we haven't eaten for a while and are really hungry.
I just went to my doctors appointment on Wednesday and Dr. Epstein said he thought she was about 2 lbs. Two pounds is a whole lot less than the 11 lbs. I've put on so far. It never gets easy seeing the scale increase each time I weigh myself, but it really helps motivate me to exercise and stay active, otherwise I'd want to lay around all day and read, sleep, eat, and play with Molly.
I did my glucose testing at my appointment and haven't heard anything back yet. No news is good news. Let's hope it stays that way.

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  1. You've really only gained 11 pounds? I think I gain 11 pounds after about 12 weeks.