July-ke Parades, Hikes, and Granola?

We spent the 4th of July up at my parents house in the mountains. We enjoyed the cool morning watching the Oakley parade. 

 Molly wasn't very greedy when it came to collecting candy. She'd go for one and then run back to me to open it for her instead of collecting as many as she could. Her cousins were nice enough to let her take her time picking them up and even shared some with her.
 After the parade we hung out at my parents house. I took some photos for my sister  and then we played some games. For lunch we headed to the Drug Store. Their burgers were rated Best of State a few years in a row. It was pretty busy so we packed the 7 of us into a little booth.
 From there we headed out for an afternoon hike. It was nice. A little hot. Rob was drenched in sweat like usual while Molly enjoyed the ride.

On a side note... we headed up to Park City last Saturday to hit some yard sales before we drove out to Roosevelt for a family BBQ. Just before we arrived at the first sale I heard Molly making a funny noise. I turned just in time to see Molly coated in throw up and throw up on the way out. She was totally covered. It was disgusting. This was her very first time throwing up and of course it was in the car, in her new(er) car seat, while we were were on an overnight stay, and didn't have anything thing other than her dress for the next day and her pajamas. This is true love when you have to scrape off gobs of regurgitated granola with your bare hands and sit in a smelly car for the rest of the day. 
She's totally worth it!


  1. Congratulations to you for not throwing up when cleaning up Molly's throw up. :)

  2. cute little molly:)

    throw up in the car is the WORST!!! so sorry about that- glad you had a good 4th!!

    you look good prego:)!!