Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

I don't know if it is just a coincidence or if Rob and I cause bad luck on our wards, but our current ward dissolved 2 weeks ago. The last ward we attended in Orem also dissolved just before we moved too. Our first ward, as a married couple, had a bishopric change just as we left. So we've never left a ward the way we knew it while there. I don't feel too bad because I know it's not the way we remember it so it's much easier to leave.

Lately I've been slowing cleaning and packing up the house, at least as much as I can, and have been stuffing boxes all over the place.  I'm feeling sad as I think this will be my last time... having playgroup with neighbors, going to Zumba on Thursday nights, going to our ward for church, going to yard sales in Park City, visiting my doctor, driving out to see family... and all the things we often do. 

 I'm hesitant to move. I love the familiarity of our lives now. I feel like we've made great friends and have a nice routine going for us. I'm scared for it all to change. It's hard to make new friends, get settled in a new place, and start a new chapter in our lives. I'm also terrified to drive to Tucson by myself with Molly as Rob drives a moving truck. And I'm not looking forward to packing the rest of our things and loading and unloading them. It's so much work!

Molly is going to miss her friends and I'm going to miss their moms. It's been fun to  hang out with people. We love going on walks with them and we see someone just about everyday. We also get together for a playgroup once a week. We're bummed to leave, but glad to know most of them are leaving soon too.

Monday we had dinner and FHE with our good friends the McGees. We love hanging out with them and will really miss their company. 

Thursday I was able to get together with a few mission friends. We had lunch at Cafe Rio and chatted about our lives and any gossip we knew about others in our mission. It's always fun to see mission friends!
Molly kept entertained. She refused to eat any lunch, but loved running around with the other kids and making me get up and down to kept an eye on her.


  1. It was so much fun! Please let us know when you are in town so we can get together again. Good luck with the move and driving with Molly by yourself. On to new adventures. It's just like a mission transfer, right? But you get to keep your companions. :)

  2. leaving AWESOME wards & neighbors and starting is over is HARD!!! i hate it too, but since you both are super cool, i'm sure you will make new great friends in Tucson quickly!!

    wow! i'd be terrified to drive that far alone with my kiddos- just b/c i have ZERO patience sometimes:)

    and i have to say that chatting with old mission comps & friends are the BEST!!!! its like you can always just pick up where you left off years ago....