What's up hombre?

Check out my new Ombre hairdo.
A friend in my apartment complex went to beauty school and does hair (she cut Molly's hair a few months ago). I've been wanting to do something with my hair, but since Rob is headed to school and he'll be quitting his job soon we're going to get real poor real soon. So I've avoided spending as much money as possible and even tried to trim my own hair a few times. I then thought, "I wonder if my friend would want to do a trade".
She did. 
So she cut and colored the tips of my hair and I took their family's photos.
It worked out perfect.
Rob was a little very surprised when he saw the new doo. It's a little bold for me, but I think it's fun and new and nice to have a bit of a change.


  1. LOVE the new do- super cute as always Heather- i like your style:)

  2. Good luck in AZ, you guys! We've been thinking of you! Love the hair color--so fun on you! If you ever want to escape to Texas . . . you know where to find us.

  3. I love it! Way to go on taking risks with your hair. I bet you are crazy busy with your move these days. Good luck, I hope everything goes well for you. Keep in touch.