28 Weeks

Baby Sophie and I have finally made it to trimester 3...woohoo! With less than 3 months to go, I'm feeling those pregnancy aches and pains and my load is continually increasing. I've put on 18 lbs so far and I'm feeling everyone of those pounds.
It's official, bending over is hard these days. Shaving my legs, putting on shoes, and picking up Molly's toys are a few of my least favorite things.
I've decided taking a full breath of air is over-rated. I may not have seen her yet, but this baby is already taking my breath away.
I love all the kicking and squirming Sophie keeps at, but lately she's been on my nerves. She has literally been sitting on my sciatic nerve causing a lot of pain in my lower back and right buttock. 
Sleeping is uncomfortable and I'm plagued with leg cramps all night long. But I can't stop dreaming about meeting our new little one!


  1. love the name:) and seriously only 18lbs!!!!??? you look awesome!! i'm jealous- i still have about 30 more lbs to LOSE!!:)

    endure to the end- i'm sure this heat doesn't help much, hopefully molly will nap for you still?

  2. Yay! So you're going with Sophie for sure?! So fun... Can't wait to see what she looks like, but sad I won't be there to see in person!

  3. 18 pounds! You are tiny! I gained 60 with Mabel. Yes, 6.0. Insane!
    You are on the count down now - yay!

  4. Little sophie:-) love it! we miss you like crazy. I love your cute prego belly.