30 Rocks... Wait Make that 21

Little Molly is growing up. She just turned 21 months and with that she's been growing teeth like crazy. Two new teeth on the top front poked through, and she's getting molars on all four sides. The past couple days she's had a fever so I'm assuming more are coming in.
 Molly loves rocks these days!
 Every time we go outside she collects a few. She likes to hold them, put them in her crib and in the diaper bag, throw them down stairs, toss them in the pool, and she'll even lick a few occasionally.
 Last week on our way into church Molly picked up a rock to take with her. She made sure to put it in a safe place during sacrament meeting, which happened to be under Mom's booty. When it was time for nursery she grabbed her rock and ran right up to the nursery leader and said, "rock" while she held it out for her to see.
 Molly still likes to sit in her room and read to herself. Sometimes she'll last 30+ minutes in there just going through all her books. I love listening to her go at it.
 She's been talking a lot more lately and has learned lots of new words. She's repeating us more and more. Lately she's picked up the habit of calling her Daddy, Rob. She must of picked it up from me so she goes around the house calling out the name Rob throughout the day.
 Molly's learned to announce when she or anyone else around her toots.
Whenever we ask her questions like, "Do you want a drink," or "Do you want to go outside to play," or any sort of "Do you want..." question, instead of responding, "yeah" like she use to - she always says, "okay," with lots of enthusiasm and shakes her head up and down.
Molly loves to wear bows in her hair. Once I put one in her hair she like to check herself out in the mirror and will usually say something like, "bow... pretty". She loves her bows so much that sometimes she wants to wear all her bows at the same time. She'll bring me bow after bow until they're all in her hair. 
Molly's decided that she's too big for a high chair and refuses to sit in it. So she's earned a place at the table next to us... even if she can barely see and reach her food.


  1. Molls is so stinkin' cute!!!

  2. you always get the cutest pics of little Molly- and she's always so well-dressed:) way to go!

    happy anniversary - again:) you guys are GREAT together!!

  3. I miss that cute girl! She looks so big!