Chinese Water Torture

Two weeks of school down for Rob and many more to go.

Rob's first week of school was intense. He started class at 7am, had class all day and most of the evening. He'd get out of class around 8pm and then have group meetings and projects to work on. He'd come home between 9 and midnight then  work on homework for a couple hours before he caught some z's. Then he'd wash and repeat. It was a bummer for me and Molly. I didn't see much of him and Molly didn't really see him at all.  

Some highlights of his week were:
  • the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners they provided for him daily! 
  • the word is Rob get's to go to Shanghai and Bejing with his cohort right before Christmas. I'm not looking forward to him leaving for a week and a half while I'm at home with Molly and a month old baby, but I'm excited he'll get to experience China. I love loved the time I spent there.  
  • the new friends that he met that will spend more time with him the next two years than me and Molly.
  • the great projects that his team worked on.
Last Sunday we invited two couples over for dinner who are also in the MBA program with Rob. It was really fun to get to know some new people... and I didn't mind the social interaction, since Molly and I have been loners lately. One of the couples have a little girl 2 months older than Molly, so she got to meet a new friend too.

Molly and I have been trying to keep as busy as possible with the heat that pretty much limits our outside play. We've been to Toddler Story Time at the library twice (which Molly really gets into). We've been to the 2 malls out here in search of some business casual pants for Rob and the little play areas for Molly to run around and enjoy. This past week we had our first play date at the park where Molly ran around the playground and enjoyed the splash pad.

In the middle of playing Molly decided she was thirsty. With all the water around and such there was nothin' like a drink of recycled water.
After I kept catching her drinking the water from the pad...

 I decided it was time to solve the problem.

This past week Rob started his Leadership class. It was a week long course that included a group project, an afternoon of sweat at a ropes course, a lot of homework, and a final. He just took his final and is scot-free for the weekend. Oh yeah... we're excited to spend some time with him before his new classes start on Monday.


  1. That brings back flash backs of when Jason was still in school and working full time. Clara hardly ever saw him... and I saw him, but rarely spent time with him. Thank goodness it's temporary, right? :)

    You can always come to Mesa and hang out with us when Rob is gone. Serious!

  2. water is the ONLY way to survive this awful heat!!

    love the pic of Molly drinking water from the drain?:)

    she's SO stinkin cute!!

    Anna is right! you should totally come up here while he is gone to china- that would be fun:)