Deserting Our New Friends

With all our new friends visiting our new home in Tucson, like Mr. Millipede and Senorita Cucaracha, Heather and I wanted to do a background check on them as well as get to know some of our potential neighbors that will be crashing on our floor unexpectedly. So to get some of the dirt on our new found friends, we decided to get a pass to the Desert Sonoran Museum. We found out quite a lot about our friends. For instance, at first we thought Mr. Millipede was Mr. Centipede, until we counted all his legs (it took awhile). We actually found out at the museum that the Centipede crew looks a whole lot different then Millipede family and they tend to only crash at your house if it rains. And when it rains it pours because Mr. Millipede has dropped by a couple times already.    
Have you ever heard the saying, "When you see one cockroach, there are a thousand more that you don't see." I'll be honest, I don't buy it. Unless the saying refers to sewer cockroaches below your house or tiny cockroaches in a far off land, I just can't imagine a thousand cockroaches in my walls the size of my index finger, because that's how big they grow out here in Tucson. Senorita Cucaracha put on some pounds since the last time she visited me in Mesa and I had to put my foot down when it comes to her stopping by unexpectedly.

This is Liz. She was just hanging out on a wall by the bear den. I decided to ask Mrs. Ard why I keep seeing her little brothers and sisters running in our front yard every time I come or go. She told me they are just working their tails off. Some of the lizards that we've seen have been as small as my pinkie and as big as my hand. No joke, they are huge.   
Molly has been enjoying all the visitors that have been coming by at all hours of the day and night. They have been teaching a lot of their dance moves to her including the Worm. We caught Mr. Millipede in her room breaking down and we not so kindly showed him the door.
When you grow up in Mesa, sometimes you forget how beautiful the desert is. That's one thing I've realized as I've come back to the Arizona. The desert is gorgeous out here.
Heather has been incredible this whole move. She has done most of the packing, unpacking, organizing, cleaning and decorating. Did I mention that she is almost six months prego. She has been a super trooper, even with the unexpected visitors.
In addition to all the friends that have been visiting our new home, we are just waiting until Molly introduces herself to the Cacti family. It hasn't happened yet, but she about gave a high five to this prickly pear cactus.

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