I Was Just Thinking and...

Here's a few recent thoughts running through my head:

  • If your going to take a prenatal vitamin and you're holding a full glass of orange juice and standing next to an open drawer of silverware, don't try to catch the pill should you happen to fumble it (even if you have good reflexes like me). It's a whole lot easier to pick up a fallen pill than it is to clean up orange juice that spilled all over the open drawer, all over the floor, and all over your clothes while you were trying to catch it.
  • I'm surprised that Rob's only into the semester 3 weeks and he's already pulled an all-nighter.
  • Why are there so many bugs and animals here? I'm always finding something and during Rob's all-nighter he said a mouse was trying to come in a crack just outside our front door.
  • How is it that we live in the dessert yet it's been raining like we live in Portland? Today I was driving in the worst down pour I've ever been in. The windshield wipers couldn't go fast enough to clear the water enough for me to see where I was going.
  • I can't believe my mom potty-trained 9 children. I haven't started with Molly yet, but the thought of it is overwhelming. Mom's who's children are potty trained are straight up amazing. My mom's extra amazing since she did it 9 times.
  • Several months ago my nephew told my sister... "Mom! I can't keep my mind off of candy!" Well Zach, I can't keep my mind off of it either. I've made way too many desserts lately. So much that I'm practically out of all basic baking supplies.
  • You know the saying "when it rains it pours" well usually it pours with trials and disappointments, but I'm happy to say things have been going our way and blessings have been pouring in. Here's just a few...
      • We sold our luv sac and a stack of Rob's old LSAT prep books.
      •  Someone moved into our old apartment half way through August so we got a check in the mail for part of the months rent we had to pay for to complete our contract. 
      • Rob was asked to be a graduate assistant which lets him work 10 hours a week and reduces our out-of-state tuition to the same rate as in-state tuition! 
      • We were able to qualify for state insurance (and NA)... and much sooner than expected. 
      • I went to the dentist and didn't have to have any work done... which is amazing considering how soft my enamel is. Let's just say I'm no stranger to the dentist, but lately we haven't been seeing each other as much!
      • Our 5 year anniversary is coming up this Friday... we still have each other and we're going strong. 
      • Molly is such a wonderful girl who makes us so happy and we're lucky to be adding another little member to our family soon too! 


  1. I love all the rain! Don't worry, it's just monsoon season. Unfortunately, it doesn't last much longer. Clara potty trained herself around 15 months so I have no idea how to potty train a kid.

  2. Freaking awesome that you get in state tuition! wow:-)