Moving Down to Hopefully Move Up in the World

A week ago we were packing this bad boy and setting out for our new life in Tucson.
 I spent weeks beforehand packing boxes and cleaning our apartment so it would be a smooth moving day. We picked up our moving truck the night before (July 24) so we could get a head start on the move. We were fortunate to have so many friends and family help us pack up the truck which was especially nice since I couldn't do too much lifting 6 months pregnant. We ended up packing almost everything that night.
As our truck filled up I got more and more worried we wouldn't get everything in, but my Dad is the master at packing so he helped us fit everything in the next day. I'm not sure how we acquired so much stuff during our 5 years of marriage... oh wait it must be all the awesome yard sales in Park City we frequented.
It was really nice of my friends to watch Molly for us and my sister and parents to help us clean our apartment just before we checked out.
At one in the afternoon we were pulling out of the parking lot, Rob in the big truck and Molly and I following behind in our car. We'd planned to make it at least half way that night, but we didn't stop until we hit Mesa. Molly did great! I was really worried about traveling with her alone, but I had a nice set up of things in the passenger seat that I could pass back to her to keep her entertained. She took one nap and fell asleep at about 8 pm. We made it to Mesa at about 1 am. I was so exhausted I had to call Rob for the last 20 minutes so I wouldn't fall asleep.

Thursday we made our way down to Tucson and checked out the apartment we were thinking about renting. It ended up working out and Rob's brother, Scott, was there to help us move all our things in.

It's been a long few days trying to get settled in and finding space for all our things.

A few thoughts about our move:

  • I decided I hate packing, but unpacking is even worse. 
  • People we know can be so helpful without expecting anything back in return.
  • I don't understand how Rob enjoys driving, especially on long drives, but I'm super grateful he does.
  • Moving = loads of laundry loads.
  • We have way too many wall decorations.
  • It's hard to go without the internet just one day let alone 7 days.
  • It's amazing how LOUD our upstairs neighbors are especially at 2 and 4 in the morning... when do they sleep?
  • It's weird to think we're totally jobless and it's hard not to spend money.
  • Going from cable TV to no TV at all is a major sacrifice... especially for Rob.
  • Bugs, plants, and animals in AZ are so different than in Utah. Rob killed a cockroach about the size of a mouse and just look at the millipede I may or may not have stepped on in Molly's room our first night here. (This is a photo of the actual millipede before we let it loose outside)


  1. I moved (7 miles) when I was 7 months pregnant with Hazel and it was awful. I told my mom if I ever talked about moving, to remind me of what a horribly exhausting month it was. Can you imagine if I'd had to move to another state? Heaven forbid... :)

    Welcome to AZ. That millipede is DISGUSTING.

  2. I'm glad you're all moved and hope you're getting settled. Our solution to no cable was to buy a Roku box and pay $16 a month for Netflix and Hulu Plus. We also got some rabbit ears for local channels. Maybe an option? Enjoy Arizona!!

  3. Many consider unpacking more difficult than the packing process. One reason is that it takes time for you to decide on where to put your stuff. The best advice I can share is to create a plan before the moving process. Take a look of your new house first and try to picture its future setting. Imagine the things you want to see in every part of it. That will help you figure out where to put your things.