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Molly has been investigating a lot of different things lately. In between her toes and in her ears, up her nose and down her belly button are just some of the places that she has been curious about. So when she started investigating this church, we were a little worried.
She went inside to find the seats a little too hard. When Molly sits in church, she wants it comfortable enough to sleep on the pews.
She liked the architecture of the old church, but she thought the gates looked a little too much like her crib, so she wanted to do a little more investigating before she made her decision.

She saw someone that she knew there and kept waving hi to Him.

Here's Mama supporting Molly in her investigation.
Heather is looking more and more pregnant everyday. She's worried about gaining too much weight, but I keep telling her to eat what her body is telling her. She says that her body keeps saying, "Kit Kats, juice, and ice cream."

Molly thought about the church long and hard. We even got sprinkled. It wasn't with baptismal waters or holy water, but with our own sweat.

Molly thought it was kind of cool that they lit candles as well.

Molly finally decided that she wanted to be together forever with her Mom and Dad. Plus, she loves "Ring Around the Rosie" in Nursery.

Molly dusting her feet on the church grounds.


  1. Heather! You look so cute prego! The one of you holding Molly is adorable. Hope you're loving the hot weather :)

  2. oooh LOVE her little piggies!`

  3. You guys make me laugh. When you come here, can you go exploring and tell me about all the fun things to do? Who knew Tucson had all these fun little sites?

  4. just read the last 3 posts- your funny Rob:) beautiful pics of the desert- i don't appreciate it enough either:)

    LUV Her pigtails- can't wait till Eden's hair is long enough:)

    heather- you ROCK the prego look- i'm jealous- i still look prego and i'm NOT and will for awhile- its just something i've come to accept:)

  5. These pictures bring back memories! Now, you didn't go hike that mountain we almost died on, did you?!?