Potty Like a Rockstar

Last night we had a couple interesting events. 
First, Molly went poo poo in the potty!
 After spending a total of a few hours on her little potty and doing nothing but singing songs, eating treats, and reading books, we finally timed it just right and now we've had some success!
I couldn't be more proud of her. We cheered and clapped and gave her a fun little treat. Let's hope that made a connection in her little mind somewhere and she'll repeat it. I was so happy for her I didn't mind so much that when we flushed her doo doo down the big potty it didn't go down, but the floods came up... all over the floor and rugs and our bare feet. Such a small price to pay for such a big accomplishment.

Our second interesting event happened in the middle of the night. Rob was up studying late last night and came into the bedroom at 2:30am for some assistance scorpion hunting in our very own living room. A little yellowish scorpion had sought refuge under our couch, as under Rob's backpack wasn't as ideal. We found the little guy, caught him in a cup, and escorted him back outside where he belongs 
(I realized 10 minutes after our little event I didn't even take a picture. Sad). This put to rest my debate of calling the apartment office and asking them to spray for pests since we also found another millipede crawling across our kitchen floor Sunday night. And while we're talking about little critters, Molly and I spotted our first tarantula last week on our daily walk to the mail box.


  1. When I ask Hazel where she goes to the bathroom, she says, "Diapers." She prefers diapers over underwear. It's driving me nuts.

    Yeah, it's scorpion season. Watch out. I hate them.

    Sorry my comment sounds so negative... I'm really a happy person, I promise. :)

  2. YAY! Such a GREAT milestone!

    Bummer about the creepy crawlies...makes me itchy just thinking about them!

  3. go Molly!! i really need to get O potty trained- :) i'm lazy

    you look SO cute prego - Heather- and i LOVE the dress- you are seriously so creative!!

    Molly's the cutest little fire-lady:)

    you guys coming up to gilbert/mesa anytime soon?