We've tried to stay busy the past few weeks. Molly and I had a playdate with friends at the Sonoran Desert Museum. 

Last Saturday we went to a tailgate party with Rob's cohort. Neither Molly or I have ever been to a tailgate party so this was a first for us. It was nice to meet new people and when Molly got tired of watching all the adults play throw-the bean-bag-and-ring-in-the-holes, she decided to give it a whirl herself.

On Wednesday we decided to head to a park for a picnic dinner. There happened to be a event for children there at the same time and we decided to let Molly enjoy the festivities. She tried out the bounce house, but when she was getting mauled by all the bigger kids we decided she needed a little more time before she should bounce again. We let her test out the fire equipment, climb in the fire truck,
...and then let her put out a few fires before bedtime.

Thursday we headed over to play at Avery's. We played with play dough and painted with pudding. Molly was so dainty as she painted. She didn't want to use her fingers, and used a cinnamon stick to paint with instead. She loved it so much I got out my watercolors for her to paint with that afternoon and she spend another hour painting with a brush.
The other day I picked up a dress for super cheap. Since I already had the same maxi dress in turquoise I decided to hem this one shorter and add a bit of flare by making it higher in the front and lower in the back. 

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  1. Cute dress! Molly's cheeks look so flushed, is it still so hot there?