23 Months

Our baby Molly is not much of a baby anymore. Thirty-one days until Molly's 2. She's grown into such a sweet little girl. She's very caring and if she sees or hears someone get hurt she asks them, "okay...okay?" to make sure things are alright.
I love how polite and friendly she can be. She'll say, "dankyou and peeese" when she wants something and repeat "hi and bye bye" over and over again to just about everyone she passes.
She's good about getting her shoes on, bringing us our shoes for us to put on, and wearing our shoes around the apartment.

 Molly loves to sing! I noticed that she's picked up on songs from the radio and sings the words she knows. She'll hum to the songs I sing to her at bedtime. She's getting pretty good at singing I Am a Child of God... we had no idea how much of the song she knew until one day when we were singing it on the way home from church. The other day while grocery shopping, Molly loudly sang her own songs the whole trip. She had a lot of double takes from other shoppers, but as long as it was making her happy I didn't mind.

Molly grew a new tooth on the bottom left side of her mouth this past month. She also has 3 other teeth just starting to poke through her gums. I don't know if it's the teeth coming in or if she's caught a cold, but she's been under the weather the past couple of days. None of us in the Williams' home has gotten a full nights rest which is probably why Molly fell asleep in her high chair just after lunch yesterday. 

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