The Miserable Hit and Run

Dear U of A Hit and Runner,
I'd like to know what you were thinking when you hit into the back of our parked car, in the parking garage, taking off most of the bumper. I know the word bumper indicates that you can bump into it here and there, but when you hit into it hard enough that most of the bumper is laying on the cement, it is not okay to just leave. What kind of person are you? Watch out, because if I find you I'm pressing charges. And I'm not giving you any of our silver candlesticks.

Dear Rob,
Good job on reattaching the bumper with resources from the trunk to hold it up enough to drive home.

Dear Policeman,
We do appreciate you writing up a report, but would have appreciated it more had you not make so many mistakes on the report.

Dear U of A Parking Garage,
Thanks for calling us and letting us know part of our car was laying on the cement. But with that thanks out of the way, what the heck - you charge a ridiculous amount of money for Rob to park there. You would think with all the cars paying that amount you could afford to put up a few more security cameras since parking garages are known spots for criminal behavior.

Dear Heather,
Good job on keeping calm and knowing things like this happen... it's life. But, next time you think liability-only insurance is a good idea because...

  1. Your cars aren't worth much.
  2. You don't pay as much for full coverage so ideally you save more.
  3. You and Rob are good drivers and have never been in an accident where it was your fault, and...
  4. You trust others enough that you didn't even consider hit-and-runs a possibility.
... think again. Your car is worth less now, it didn't save you any money in the long run now that you have to pay over $1000 to repair it. You and Rob are still good drivers even though others obviously aren't, and lots of people are dishonest (haven't you learned anything from watching the news and America's Most Wanted all these years).

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