Over the Hill

While I lived in Sweden I learned how to celebrate holidays twice. You see Swedes like to celebrate the day before many holidays. Christmas Eve, New Year's eve, Midsummer's eve, these are the "real" holidays and the plus side to doing it that way is that you get to enjoy the next day too. So with that being said, why not celebrate the eve of my 30th birthday.
If truth be told, Sunday birthdays mean you get to celebrate a little bit on Saturday and a little bit on Sunday- at least in this house.
So Saturday morning we decided to explore Sabino Canyon. We took a 20 minute tram-tour up the canyon. We made some stops, played in the water, explored, and walked around a bit. It was relaxing and fun to hang out as a family.

After Rob took the bottom left photo above I slipped on some algea and literally almost fell on my 34 week belly. I did the running in place, airplane arms, the twist and shout, and the shuffle dance before I caught myself. It was a crazy sight to see and after I was pretty proud and amazed that I caught myself. Although, I was quite embarrassed by my dance and decided not to gaze at any onlookers to cope with the embarrassment.

 Saturday night we dropped Molly off to play with friends while Rob and I went out for dinner.
 We had some really yummy 'Cast-iron Butcher Stake' and a little 'Breakfast for Dinner'. It was delish and nice to spend a little time together just the two of us.

Sunday, my actual birthday, we headed out for a morning stroll. I got to open a couple gifts and find 30 of these little 'happy birthday' notes all over the house. (I'm still finding them everywhere... 48 hours later, only 2 left to go)
That afternoon we went to our 3 hour block of church then came home for some crockpot curry chicken and veggies with hot bread and butter. Later our home teacher and his family came over to share some German Chocolate Cake and  vanilla ice cream.


  1. You seriously look so good! I hope I look that cute at 34 weeks.

  2. Happy birthday! 30 is the new 16:-) haha. I would love it if you named your baby sophie...it's the most beautiful name! Miss you guys