Sophie "due date" was Nov 9, but she didn't feel like coming for another few days. It wasn't until I had my membranes stripped on the 12th that things started to happen. After my doctor's appointment I finally packed for the hospital and keep busy cleaning the house. That evening I started having more and more contractions.
 At 11:30 p.m. we were in bed about to go to sleep, when I noticed my contractions becoming more and more strong with the pain starting in my back and wrapping around to the front. By midnight they were uncomfortable.

I'd had high hopes to have a natural birth without medication. I'd read several books and was trying to work through some of techniques I'd learned through the strong contractions. When we started timing the contractions we notice they were pretty close together. Rob wanted to head to the hospital, but I kept saying I didn't want to because the books and my doctor advised me to try to go through as much of the labor at home as I could. But it wasn't a half an hour more before I knew we need to pack up the car and go. We called some friends and let them know we were on the way with Molly. 

Once Molly was taken care of we headed to the hospital (about 1:30am). We went in and made our way to triage. I had to stop many times along the way when a contraction came. The triage nurse had me change my clothes lay down on a bed while they asked me lots of questions and finally after several minutes and several contractions she checked me and said I was at an 8. I knew from the books I'd read that this would be the hardest part, but I really wanted to do it naturally and it was a really good sign I was at an 8. They then wheeled me in on a bed to the labor room. Once there they continued to ask me the same questions over and over again. They put in an IV and hooked me up to all kinds of monitors.  Rob asked for a mirror since I'd told him repeatedly not to let me forget to ask for a mirror. I was so happy he'd remembered since I wasn't in any state to think clearly and ask myself.

At this point the contractions were super strong and painful. I kept having doubts that I would be able to withstand the pain. An epidural was sounding really good at that point. I really wanted them to check me and see what progress I'd made because I knew that if I wasn't progressing I didn't think I would be able to do it without medication. I remember dreading every contraction. And I didn't want to move and have the nurses do anything to bring on another contraction since they were so intense. I remember a nurse asking me if I wanted to go naturally or wanted medication. I told her I had wanted to do it naturally, but that I didn't think I was going to be able to. She was really great to encourage me saying that I'd come that far and was so close and asked if I could try a little longer.

Later I knew that trying a little longer was the wrong move for me. Once my doctor arrived she checked me and instead of being an 8 like the triage nurse thought, and hopefully more since I'd had so many contractions since they'd checked me, she said I was really only a 7 and a half. I knew at that point that I couldn't do it without an epidural. I kept apologizing to Rob and told them I needed an epidural and I needed right then. I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to wait too much longer before everything would be pain-free. But when the contractions kept coming and the anesthesiologist wasn't coming I started to feel totally out of control. I kept asking where the anesthesiologist was and asking them to tell him to hurry. I literally felt like I couldn't do one more contraction. I think it took about 20-25 minutes for him to finally arrive.

Once he walked into the room I was so happy he was finally there, but my happiness soon turned into anger as I realized there was no urgency for him to be quick. He was the only one that could take away my pain and he was waiting for labs to come back and then he wanted me to sign a paper and then he just took his sweet time starting the process!

The nurses had me sit up on the edge of the bed and I remember really not wanting to even move knowing I would just bring on another contraction; and whether it was because I moved or not they just kept coming and the epidural was not coming for another 20 minutes.

It didn't matter what position I was in I wanted to die. I was moaning and panting and wanting to rip off every piece of equipment attached to me. I remember trying to shake off the pulse clip attached to my finger... on purpose. And then the urge to push was really strong. They kept telling me to just breath through the contraction and a few times I just bared down, grunted, and started pushing because that was my only relief... to give into the urge to push. During those contractions sitting on the edge of my hospital bed,  moaning, pushing against everyone's protests, exposing my whole backside, I felt a gush as my water broke. I told the nurses what had happened, since they asked me to tell them when it did, and I was totally annoyed that they didn't believe me until they looked under my gown to verify it had really happened.

Once the anesthesiologist put the needle in it still took awhile for the medicine to kick in and I kept asking him to give me more since it was obviously not working. I did begin to feel a tiny bit of tingling in my legs and feet, but I was already lying down and instructed to start pushing during my contractions before I felt the least bit of relief. It was enough to take the edge off while I pushed, took a breath, and pushed again.

I felt like I'd only pushed though 4 or 5 contractions when my doctor told me I needed to push the baby out on the next contraction or she'd need to use other means to get her out. I couldn't believe she was saying that. I felt like I should have had a lot more pushes since it'd taken me 1 hour of pushing to have Molly. I didn't have Sophie on the next push, but she did give me a few more pushes. I remember seeing the tip of Sophie's head and it didn't look like what I thought a head would look like. I also remember the point when I felt Sophie was nearly out. I could feel the pressure and on the next push the doctor used a vacuum suction as I pushed and out came Sophie sunny side up (posterior position- head facing up) and the cord was wrapped around her neck. (Once I'd realize she was face up I felt the guilt of not having her naturally slightly fade away knowing this type of birth is more painful and I might have been able to do it had she been facing the other way).
They laid little Sophie on my tummy  and I was so glad to see her. I remember she cried, and we wiped her off with a towel. Rob then cut the umbilical cord. They took her aside and worked on her while my doctor delivered the placenta and stitched up the little bit of tearing I'd had. I'd asked her how long I pushed and she's said about 15-20 minutes which I thought was fast considering how long it took with Molly.

 When they were finished with me and her, Sophie was back with her mama and nursing for the first time. It was about this time the epidural had totally kicked in. I couldn't feel a thing and I had dead legs. After a couple hours, and Sophie's first sponge bath, they moved us up to the hospital room we'd spend the next 2 days in. Rob and I were so excited and so exhausted . 

I can't help compare the differences of Sophie to Molly as an infant. I've notice Sophie is much more snugly, but cried a lot more at the hospital. In fact I hardly got any sleep my 3 days there since Sophie cried or fussed when she was in her hospital crib, but was a little angel when snuggling in my arms.
 Molly is really cute with Sophie. She calls her baby and loves to talk to her in a high pitched voice. She's been really gentle with her, except for the time she sat on her in her car seat. I can tell Molly is going to be a great big sister.


  1. I'm so happy for you! She is beautiful and molly will be the best big sis. Miss you:-)

  2. I almost called Rob today, no joke, because I knew you had to have had this baby. I was worried that something was wrong and that's why we hadn't heard about it on the ole' blog. :) EEEEEEEEK. So fun. Oh, and she only missed my birthday by a day. ;)

  3. she is beautiful just like her mama and big sister! Congratulations. Your story is one of the reason I never attempt to go natural...because what if I just can't do it? Who am I kidding, I never will be able to. I love the drugs! Plus, I have basically done it like you just described on accident and it was so painful, I don't ever want to feel that again. NO Guilt. And you shouldn't either. Look at that perfect baby girl!

  4. I agree, no regrets, especially with a sunny-side-up baby!! I'm so happy for you guys. So wish we could have been there to help! I will be back soon to at least give you some naptime :) Congrats again! Sweet Sophie! -I think Penelope misses Molly. We found some of Daph's old sandals and they look like Molly's and Penelope loves them for that :)

  5. oh she is absolutely perfect and BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations you guys! It's so fun being a family of four (well once you get the hang of things ha)

  6. oh my goodness!! i LOVED reading this- just 8 weeks later:) such a slacker- sorry!! I love all your hospital pics and reading the birth story. My poor kids dont have any- with c-sections they are all the same. You are amazing for trying to go natural- sorry it didnt work out how you thought!! She's so beautiful!! You guys need to come visit again soon!!