2 Year Stats

Molly's 2 year check-up:

- 31.4 lbs. (90%)
- Lgth 35.5 in (80%)
- HC 18.9 in
-BMI 75%

Molly's been such a healthy girl. She's never had a sick visit and has been quite healthy. After telling this to her doctor, she listened to her heart and detected a faint mummer. Of course this worried me, but the doctor said 80% of children have a heart mummer at some point so not to freak out. She referred us to a cardiologist just to check it out. We have an appointment in Feb. (I hate to think the cardiologist is so busy we couldn't get an appointment until Feb.) 

Molly also had her blood drawn. I wasn't sure how she would react to me bear-hugging her, with her legs held tightly between my knees, while one nurse held down her arm and another nurse put a needle in her arm. She did awesome! She only let out a little cry when the needle went in and remained calm. The nurses were so impressed they gave her two stickers instead of one.
(Molly's officially taken over a much needed cupboard. After cleaning up the contents of the cupboard multiple times a day I just decided to cram that stuff in my other cupboards and let her have that one all to herself.)

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