Herringbone Quilt

It's done! My first quilt is finally finished. 
(Thanks to my friends who helped me along the way.) 

 Of course I had to take a photo of Sophie enjoying her new quilt.
 And of course I couldn't just take one photo- or two- or three...
(Sophie at 4 weeks)

Sophie also received this beautiful quilt from a friend, which we absolutely love!

While Sophie posed for her photos, Molly kept herself busy working on her art skills. When I thought we'd rounded up all the markers and hid them, Molly found one last one and decided the couch cushions, arm, back, and pillows needed sprucing up a bit. And she sure spruced them up. 

I expected the day would come when our furniture would be colored on, but I didn't know it also happen on the same day Molly had a major blowout, the toilet flooded all over the bathroom floor, Sophie would spit up all over herself and car-seat, right after I dressed her for the day, and Rob would be in China for 11 days. Ha. What can I say... when it rains it pours. 
Even though some days may be hard, these two little girls are so worth it!


  1. she's such a beautiful little baby:) you take such cute pics!!