Penelope Cruises

When we moved to Tucson, I was really worried that I wouldn't find friends who lived around me since I was so spoiled in Utah with friends for Molly and me close by. Not only would I be a stay-at-home mom, I would be a hermit as well. The first couple of weeks we got to know some people that were 15 minutes away driving, instead of 15 seconds walking. After a couple of months, I met Spencer, while getting the mail, who said he recognized Molly from nursery. He introduced me to his wife and kids. I was so excited to find members in our same apt complex. I was even more excited that they were really likable and they had young kids like us. We became good friends and spent many afternoons hanging out together. Molly became especially good friends with Penelope. 
Not too long ago we found out our friends were moving. We've been so bummed about it!
Molly loves Penelope... so much so that her prayer last night included four 'thankful for Penelope' s.
 I had to get a few pictures of these little friends together before they headed off to their new home.


  1. None of our neighbors have young kids and I'm patiently waiting for the homes in our neighborhood to cycle through to a younger generation. :)

  2. Thanks, Heather!! We will miss you all too! But we must plan to get the girlies together in the near future!