Biosphere 2

 Rob is back in school today. It was nice having him around the last couple of weeks and really nice having a break from changing all the diapers in the house. We spent some of our break with family and friends. We watched a lot of movies, returned gifts, went to the doctor for my 6 week check-up, played at the park, visited the zoo, took down Christmas decorations, sat in the hot tub, ate lots of sushi, toured Biosphere 2... and took a lot of pictures there too.

I didn't know much about Biosphere 2 before we toured it. From what I gathered it was a test facility to see if we could live on Mars or possibly colonize space. Back in the 90's there were 8 scientist that lived, and were sealed, inside the facility for 2 years . During this time Rob's elementary school went on a field trip there. Rob's been wanting to visit it again from the very first day we moved to Tucson. The facility is now used for research of Earth's ecological systems. It was  an interesting visit. We saw the rain forest, the desert, the ocean, and even walked through its 'lung'.


  1. I thought about visiting that place once but for some reason, that I can't recall, decided it wasn't worth it.