Rolling With the Punches

This house if full of sick, lazy people... baaah. Despite my good intentions at a productive day- so far it's just not happening. Luckily for me being sick is a good enough excuse for my brain, and so I'm not as anxious as I normally would be about my lack of productivity.
 It may be past noon and I still look like I just rolled out of bed... wearing one of Rob's long sleeved t-shirts, no make-up, and crazy bed hair. My good intention of working out has not happened, thus the reason for not getting showered or dressed today (which happens too often even on normal days). Molly chose to wear her plastic potty training pants over a diaper, a t-shirt, and only one sock. Sophie's the only fully dressed person in this house!

 My current projects are strewn all over and although all I want to do when I'm sick in lie down and take it easy, Molly energy level hasn't change much so I get to follow her around the house with a headache and a stash of tissues.
Our big event yesterday consisted of walking to the mail box, then to the office to pay rent and utilities, and back to our car where I let Molly play for an hour 'driving', pushing all the buttons, and draining the battery just a bit. It felt nice to sit in the warm car a do nothing while Molly had a blast.
I hope we're on the down side of this sickness and normalcy returns soon.  

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  1. I guarantee a healthy Anna is lazier than a sick Heather. I just did 40 minutes of work (out of about 3 hours) and now I'm reading blogs.

    Hope you feel better (and motivated?) soon. :)