Split End of the Week

The hair in this house was getting a bit unruly. 
Molly needed a cut, Rob needed a trim, I needed to snip off some color, and Sophie needed to quit rubbing the back of her head bald.

Saturday night we dusted our bathroom floor with quite a bit of hair.

I really didn't want to cut any length off my hair. I just wanted to bring the end of my hair back to it's normal color. After consulting with a friend who went to hair school, I realized paying fifty bucks for her to trim and color my hair- although much less expensive than going to a salon- it wasn't worth it just to keep a few inches. So instead I spent 3 times less and got the Creaclip to help me cut my hair, Molly's hair, and when Sophie's ready I'll cut her hair too.
I let Rob do the snipping on me and only freaked out 3 times during the cut. I lost about 3 inches and have just a tiny bit color left on the ends. I actually really like it, but don't tell Rob I said so. 

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