Sophie's Baby Blessing

Sophie was blessed in Church last Sunday.
We were lucky to have my parents and brother Jon make the drive down from Utah. They just finished serving a full-time mission at the Family Tree Center in Park City and were ready to start traveling and visiting family again.
Rob's mom, sister, and 2 brothers were also able to come see Sophie blessed.
After church we squished into our little apartment for some lunch. 

I've been working on posting this post for over a week now. When I went to upload my photos I has some formatting issues with my SD card and lost all my pictures from Sunday. I was so bummed! I spent several hours trying to recover the deleted photos and just couldn't. So I decided to try to recreate a few photos I took with Sophie in her blessing dress and a couple photos with us (below). Just before posting, I decided to try one more time to recover my photos and bam... I got them back! Yay. So the below photos are just a few extra of our little beauty celebrating her special day.

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to recover you photos!! She's darling.

    While reading this I kept thinking, I would love to have two girls and realized, I do! I do! :) Maybe that means it's time for a third girl? Ha ha.