12 Weeks

 Sophie turned 12 weeks today! I really can’t believe it. She’s growing too quickly! She rolled over from her tummy for the first time last week (11/24/13). She’s all smiles and loves our attention. She naps more regular, but doesn't really like to being swaddled. When she breaks free of her blanket she likes to roll onto her side to sleep. She’s not spitting up much anymore… thank heavens!

Sophie likes to straighten her legs and stand on our laps. She holds her head up really well and is already sitting in the Bumbo. She getting better at grasping things with her hands and consequently takes her passy out often.

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  1. I didn't swaddle Hazel long and she loved sleeping on her side from day one. My mom is like the baby whisperer and told me she likes to sleep on her side... even now, two years later, she sleeps on her side more than any other position.

    Also, that's a cute babysitter. You should go to the temple and let me watch her. And Molly too. :)