Cut Out the Craft

The last couple weeks I'm been on a project binge. 
We got this Dora toddler couch from our friends who moved. I decided it could use a face lift to better fit our decor. I found some cheap fabric at a discount fabric store and went at it. 

It definitely took a bit of thought. What was I thinking using stripes! I kept telling Rob how impressed I'd be if I could pull this off, especially since I randomly guessed on the amount of fabric I thought I needed and I used every last bit. I'm happy it turned out. 
It even turns into a pull out bed.
 I sewed a few pillows to top it off.

I'm making a gift for my unborn nephew. I've put a few hours into it and so far it's looking good. I'd include a picture, but it's still a secret. 

 The other day I got a huge box in the mail and decided to make a little play house for Molly. 

It was in the middle of this project that Rob said to me, "Sometimes you're too crafty!" Ha. Little does he know I'm far from finished. I've got several other projects on the to-do list.


  1. Are you freakin' kidding me? I wanted to do that the whole time we had it but thought it would just be too much work. I am totally put to shame! Didn't you just have a baby, too? You are amazing, Heather!!!

  2. HOLY CUTENESS! Looooooove the couch! It looks awesome! That cardboard playhouse is perfect. I am going to have to copy it for sure. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! (and now can you stop doing darling crafts because you are making this mom of only one look bad)

  3. I LOVE the couch Makeover! We have one of those too and I'd love to know how you made the new cover. You are too crafty ;) but it benefits others too by inspiring them.