Finger Nailed

Recently, Heather and I have had issues with our family's nails. Heather had a hang nail, I had an in-grown toenail, Sophie's been scratching everybody, including herself, with her demon claws. Little did we know that these nail problems were a harbinger for the little incident that happened on Saturday morning. 
While at the pool, Molly was playing on a chair and it tipped over back towards the stucco wall. I saw her forehead smack against the wall, but when I picked her up, I saw something worse, her nail was barely hanging on. I felt bad because Heather had just painted them, Molly will have a big ole' bruise on her head which will imply that we are, at very least, negligent parents, and Heather's brother, who is a doctor, told us that the nail might not grow back the same as it was before. Oh, and Molly probably got a concussion, cried in pain (she actually stopped relatively fast), and had to wait enough for her stupid parents to take a picture. We really do care but we had to document this one.   
Molly fingernail 001
Molly fingernail 006
Molly fingernail 011
Molly fingernail 005


  1. That picture... the one with her nail completely off... almost made me vomit last night. I was so disturbed, I couldn't comment last night. Pretty sure I'd pass out in a heartbeat if that happened to my child. Way to stay strong and remember the camera. :)And, I know it's annoying when people say it could be worse, but it could. I know some people who's little girl fell backwards in a rocking chair and it chopped the tips of her fingers completely off (while she was with a babysitter).