Sea Food Differently

It all started on Saturday night while grocery shopping at Costco. Rob grew restless and a little annoyed at Heather’s need for this and that. He was done parading around the store with a tired and uncooperative 2 year old, a car-seat blocking his isle vision, and a wife trying to get all her errands done before Sunday. At least there were exotic food samples to taste like calamari salad and shrimp tempura.

By check-out time Rob thought he was done and glad at that since the calamari salad wasn't sitting quite right, but no. There was one more store to stop at. This time Rob offered to stay in the car with the little one while Heather ran in with Molly, who insisted on ”driving” the ridiculously large car-cart. Both were a mistake. The little one knew her mama was gone and wasn't very happy about it. Rob even called Heather to show just how unhappy he and the little one were and to tell her to hurry up! Heather was just as unhappy, trying to keep Molly from climbing all over the cart and pulling food from the shelves, while sticking to a specific list of items she needed to purchase, and pushing a monster cart around the bustling store.

Once home, after several back and forth trips from the car, Rob declared he wasn't feeling well and for the first time ever, refused dinner. Instead, he collapsed on the bed and was soon requesting a pitcher to throw up in… in case he couldn't make it to the toilet in time. Heaving soon commenced and Heather will be forever haunted seeing Rob’s calamari salad and shrimp tempura swimming around in her juice pitcher. 

Soon the throwing-up turned into the runs and there was lot’s of time spent in the bathroom. Heather was worried for Rob, but more worried that he wouldn't finish preparing his talk for Sacrament meeting the next day and she’d end up the only speaker. She’s known Rob to be a bit dramatic when under the weather. Somehow Rob pulled enough energy together to work on his talk and Heather headed to bed. In the middle of the night, a half an hour after Rob retired to bed, Heather woke and felt just sorry enough for Rob that she rubbed his back a bit. Before she turned in bed and closed her eyes again her stomach dropped and she knew that the calamari salad and shrimp tempura had decided to take their revenge. The next 36 hours for Rob and Heather consisted of diarrhea, nausea, headaches, throwing up, lightheadedness, aches all over, stomach cramps, weakness, loss of appetite, backaches, hot flashes and chills. Heather realized that Rob wasn't being dramatic at all with symptions like those. 

Rob and Heather were so sick they could barely move. That didn't stop Sophie from wanting milk (and throwing up all over Rob, Heather and the bed… twice) or Molly from needing diaper changes, meals, and some form of entertainment.

They knew at 5:30 in the morning that there was no way they could physically speak in sacrament meeting, or have their home teachers over, or feed the missionaries dinner. All they could do was lay around the house as much as possible begging the other person to help Molly do this or help Sophie with that.

And so went their Saturday night, their Sunday, and even their Monday.

They’ll never know if that sample of calamari salad or shrimp tempura really had it in for them or if it was just a really bad case of the stomach flu, but they do know that they didn't get off speaking in church and will be specking next Sunday instead.

Feb2 023
(Oh and we have a nose picker!)
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  1. Oh no!! That sounds awful. Hope you're all better. And I'm no expert, but I don't think food poisoning makes you achy or gives you the chills. But, I'll skip the calamari samples at Costco just in case. :)

  2. Sorry your sick,but I am glad you didn't talk on Sunday (since I was out of town) & look forward to this Sunday's talks:)

  3. oh my gosh!! this was so funny and sad- hahahah i'ms till laughing...and at the cutest little nose picker:)!!