4 Months

feb3 006bw
Sophie turned 4 months last week. Her stats are:
Weight: 13lbs 13oz (30%)
Height: 25in (70%)
HC 15.5in (20%)
We love the chubby legs Sophie is growing. She use to have such skinny chicken legs, but not anymore. Sophie is grabbing for objects and is more interested in faces and toys. She likes to kick her legs a lot and has recently found her toes and loves to hold on to them. She squeals, coos, babbles, and will giggle if we tickle her. She always has big smiles for her mama. Sophie doesn’t like to sleep alone and only lasts a couple hours, if that, in her cradle before she ends up snuggled next to her mama. Who would of thought such a little person could take up so much of the bed. Rob and I often find ourselves pushed to the edge and uncomfortable. A few weeks ago Sophie was really into blowing bubbles with her spit.


  1. Such a sweet girl.

    I love that quilt. I wish I had time to quilt. I'm pretty sure I'd love it. Someday.