A Monster, a Thief, and My Crummy Teeth

Yesterday we took Molly and Sophie to their first Movie in the theater: Mosters Inc. in 3-D. We were surprised that both girls did great. Rob and I rarely go to the theater since it’s so expensive, but Molly had never been and we found the dollar theater. Our only mistake was to go to a movie in 3-D. Molly wore her glasses a total of 2 mins during film.
2013-03-08 16.12.57

A couple of weeks ago (2/28) I casually walked outside to take out the trash and noticed my bike chain laying on the grass and my bike missing. Someone cut off the lock and stole my bike. They were nice enough to leave the cut lock… or mean enough to leave it since it made me feel like they were telling me how ‘it didn’t matter if I locked my bike up or not they could take what they wanted’.
Rob was up working on homework at 4am when he said he thought he heard someone outside our place. He innocently thought it was someone leaving for work early and not someone helping themselves to our locked up property!
I guess bikes going missing is common down here. Most people I talk to have had a bike or two stolen before. We’ve now joined the rest of them.
 feb3 013
I went to the dentist recently and found that I need to replace at least one if not two CROWNS! I’ve got a small cavity and a growing space between the two crowns so when food get stuck in between it just pushes them further apart. I’ve actually had a lot of pain around those two teeth lately so I guess I just need to buck up and fork over some serious dough to get them taken care of.  Ugh.

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