I remember a few things about getting my hair done as a child. First, I remember my mom would occasionally have us lie on the bathroom counter and wash our hair in the sink. There was a special brown cup that she would use to wash out the soap. The second memory I have of hair care was sponge curlers. Every Saturday night my mom would roll my hair in pink sponge curlers so I’d have pretty curls for church on Sunday.
I bought some sponge curlers for Molly a couple weeks ago and she loves them.PicMonkey Collage
Botanical Garden 037Botanical Garden 040
On another note. I’m loosing hair like crazy.
I call this ‘art in the shower’. Just a little surprise for Rob in the morning.Untitled-1

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  1. Your hair art made me laugh out loud! I remember the post baby hair loss...then since my hair is naturally curly the tiny new hairs growing all around my face made me look like a baby sheep!

    Fun hair memories and Molly looks cute curly!