Spring Break

Spring Break was so much fun. We drove up to Pine to spend a few days with friends at a cabin. On our way up we thought we were going to Pinetop and started our drive there, but then we took a wrong turn and got way off course which happened to be right on course for Pine. So with a screaming baby I was totally annoyed until we realized our mistake. At that point I was really grateful. It's amazing how fast your feelings can change.PicMonkey Collage[000010]
On the way up we took a break at Boyce Thompson Arboretum since Sophie was beside herself. We didn't pay to go in, but we walked around the front and looked at all the plants… and that was fun enough. [000019][000018][000020][000022]
We even bought this cute little pot of cacti.Untitled-2
We made it to the cabin in the late afternoon and spent the afternoon chatting. [000031]
We had some yummy dinner and then went out for a walk and to enjoy the sunset and the cool weather.[000049]Untitled-3i00080[000075]i00135[000127]
On Friday, after breakfast, we drove up to Fossil Creek Farm in Strawberry where we checked out the llamas and pet the goats.[000085][000082][000086]
(At the farm Hazel decided she didn’t want to hold Molly’s hand anymore and this was the result)[000090]
I was almost eaten by a goat… or at least my sweater was.[000092][000102]
Sophie preferred sleeping to seeing all the animals.[000105]
After the farm we headed to the park to let the kids play and have some lunch.[000109][000114][000118]
Molly loved her little bath with friends before bed. We loved spending time with friends and playing games into the night.[000130]
On the way back to the valley we noticed all these little flowers growing along side the Beeline Highway. We pulled over to bask in the sun and enjoy the view.[000139][000140][000142][000148][000149][000151][000161][000167][000175]
When we got to Mesa we found out that Rob's Dad had just been taken into a hospice center. We spent some time visiting with him. He seemed to be doing pretty well, but he was very weak, and on some heavy medication which made him pretty sleepy. It was nice to visit with him.JPEG Image (117273)


  1. Your family is so cute & I always love looking at your great pictures.

  2. Someday I'll blog about this...

    Hazel folds her arms when she doesn't want to hold my hand. I didn't realize she did it with Molly - ha!

    I noticed the flowers too and wanted to pull over. Since we couldn't, I swore I was going to go back, but just haven't. Maybe I'll try again this week. :)

    Sorry to hear about Rob's dad. :( Glad you got to visit with him.

  3. I love looking at your pictures!