Triangles And More Triangles

This is the second quilt I’ve ever made (remember my first). I love it. I never would have thought I’d love quilting so much. I always though that was for the older crowd… ha, maybe I’m getting old!
I finished it about a month ago, but I’ve been waiting to share since it’s a gift for my soon to be nephew. I shipped it off last week and it’s arrived so now it’s time to share.Feb2 077
Feb2 029
I let Sophie model it off. She could pass for a little boy, right?
(Sophie 3 months)Feb2 035
Feb2 064
Feb2 075

I used the pattern from here.


  1. That is so beautiful. I sooo wanna learn!!

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! you are SO creative

  3. Love the triangles. Love the colors. (and that Sophie is pretty cute too!)

  4. I love it! Did you use a pattern or come up with it on your own? Very impressive!