Molly 2+yrs

Molly is 2 years and 4 months now. A few things Molly’s been saying and doing lately are:
She always says, “Ta-Da!” after she goes pee pee in the potty.
For awhile she would yell,  “I WANT to!” when she really meant “I DON’T want to!”
She literally has to yell everything. And she loves to yell mom over and over again.
Molly is perfecting her mothering skills. Occasionally she tries to nurse Sophie.HPP_3892
She loves to visit Aunt Jen’s house and play with their new puppy. She spent a whole morning using a tiny toy utensil to spoon feed Chewy his dog food.HPP_4279
She craves independence. She’s constantly saying, “ah self” which translates to ‘by myself’.
She likes to blow bubbles in her drinks. (Thanks a lot Rob!)
One day Molly saw the Disney castle and said, “Look mom, it’s a church!” She really loves to point out any church she sees.
She loves buses. She calls them ‘round’ because in the song, ‘The wheels on the Bus’ go round and round. It doesn't matter that I tell her every time it’s called a bus.

March 006
(A photo with Grandpa Williams before he passed)
We still let Molly use a passy when she sleeps, but every once in a while I’ll catch her trying to sneak one. She likes to hide behind the rocking chair in her room. 
Molly loves to chat with strangers all the time. Sometimes she knows I don’t want her to and she turn to me and put out her hand and say, “Stop Mom”.Botanical Garden 014ED
When Molly fell off the pool chair and lost her ring fingernail, it also damaged her middle fingernail and it popped off a couple weeks later.006
007 (2)
She didn't learn her lesson about not standing on pool chairs because when we went to the pool with friends last week she found the one moment I was distracted with Sophie stood up again and fell backwards on the pool chair pinning the same hand under the chair and scrapping it up.
Each time she hurts her hand she clenches it in a fist and hardly uses it for days.Easter 3.29.13 008
008 (2)
Molly knows her ABC’s really well. She has a little trouble with the L M N O P and she says O for U.
PicMonkey Collage2


  1. Those hand pictures make me cringe! Ugh. I hope her little hand heals quickly.

    I remember sponge rollers too. And almost passing out when my mom would do my hair. I was always so relieved when the phone rang so I could sit down before passing out. :)

  2. Poor Molly! That is so sad! Those chairs are tippy- I fell backwards in them once! Miss you guys!

  3. I laughed OUT LOUD at the picture of Molly practically suffocating poor Sophie while she's trying to nurse her!! Her poor little hands, too- ouch!

    When you get a sec, would you remind me what lens is your fave? Was is the 50mm? You can email me, smileygirl0413 @ hotmail . com. Thanks! :)