Paul’s Viewing and Funeral

Wednesday evening, April 3rd, we drove up to Mesa for Rob’s dad’s viewing. We were a little stressed getting up there. I’d spent the whole day packing and Rob went to school. As soon as he was done we were on our way. Sophie couldn’t make the 2 hour drive without dinner, so we stopped in Picacho at the Dairy Queen. Sophie drank milk, Rob ate a burger, I had an apple, and Molly enjoyed a ketchup packet. Stopping half way there threw off our timing even more than it already was and we didn’t get to the Bunker Funeral Home until about 7, an hour late. We still had to change the kids into nice clothes and I was feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed at our lack of punctuality. But once we went inside things instantly calmed down. It was so nice to see family and friends. The cousins took to Molly and Sophie right away and we were able to enjoy the rest of the night. I did feel it was odd viewing Paul’s body, but everyone thought he look great.
Thursday the viewing and funeral was held in their homeward building.
As a bystander of the Williams family, I’ve noticed a few things about their interactions. They love to chat. We’ve spend many many hours in their living room taking about the latest news, our happenings, and funny stories from the past. Since all the children spoke at the funeral, it was just like hanging out in the living room chatting about stories of Paul. There were tears and laughter and I think Paul, in spirit, loved the tribute to him.
Everyone talked about how their Dad taught them how to serve through putting on his shoes and socks and giving him massages. Many talked about the daily phone calls they received from him, how he liked a good deal, his gospel and physics knowledge, Costco runs, not complaining about the how much pain he faced daily, and his cooking ability.
The grandkids sang Families Can be Together Forever. This was Molly’s first time getting up in front of people to sing. She loved it and sang along as best she could.
Rob’s Talk:Talk-2
Funeral and viewing #2 took place in Spanish Fork, Utah 5 days later (April 9). The whole family made their way there and got a second chance to speak. Molly sang again and I lead the music. After the funeral, we gathered at the Spanish Fork Cemetery for the dedication of the grave. At the end of both funerals we enjoyed a good meal in the cultural hall.
We are so sad we will not be be making more memories with Paul. We’re sad that our kids won’t grow up with him in their lives. It’s hard to see such a close person move on to the next stage, but we are so grateful for his influence in our lives and for the peace the Gospel and the Comforter has brought us during this time.


  1. loved the talk Rob

    not gonna lie- i teared up a little reading this post-so sorry for your loss- he should be proud of what he's left behind tho- you guys are amazing!!